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Monday, June 30, 2008


Even if you are in school and not working or doing both try to open up a 401K account. The younger you are the better for you in the long run.

Fill Up Your Tank with a Fart!

Don't you wish flatulence could fill up your gas tank? Joke for the day...

Gas Prices and College Students, How to Deal?

Is it just me or have you given up hope on seeing gas prices decrease back to norm, whatever that maybe? It's ridiculous, I know people who drive an extra five to ten minutes to get 15 cents less per gallon. Tip, go to New Jersey. Parts of New Jersey are closer to New York than you may think. I laugh every time I pass a gas station and see 10 cents higher than I did a few days ago. Employers have to take this into consideration by giving salary increases to keep their employees because soon people will look for closer job opportunities to their home. It's sad, you basically have to decide, and do I really want to travel to the beach, city, etc. or save the gas for commuting back and forth to work and or school. This has got to stop. What do you think?

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

College Millionaires

Reading and hearing about college students making millions while in their dorm room seems bizarre but it is obviously possible. Have you heard of Cameron Johnson who at age 9, began a greeting card/stationary business from home for family and friends. Do you watch "Opera's Big Give"? He is one of the contestant's.

Young Millionaires: (Check out this site:
DUB Publishing Inc: started out with $20,000 to create a $50 million dollar magazine : $ 25 + million with an Online T-shirt design company(Jacob DeHart, 25, and Jake Nickell, 27)

Chicken Mc' Nasty ??? girlfriend said that her roommate is a "Chicken Mc' Nasty". I thought this was an unusual name for someone who's messy!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Party HOT SPOTS for College Students! Check Out This Site...

1st of all, check out this site for the latest updates on whats poppin' for the week into weekend in NYC:

This site will give you the hot spots for each day of the week. Want to party on a Wednesday, check out where to go at 7days7nights.

Which is your favorite party spot? Take the survey Party Wit' Me Here!

College Roommate DRAMA!

How to avoid rooming with a roommate from hell! My best advice, get a single room. If this is not possible, tell your RA that you need to switch asap because of personal reasons. Think of anything to save yourself an extra headache.

Is Your College A Pain?

I have been hearing a lot of complaints from fellow students about their colleges lack of consistency with there academic situations. They are either to lax with questions about financial aid or not available to help the students with general questions. What's this about? Are you having this problem?

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

College Student Blues

I think that this is the most unlike part of the year for college students because the only anticipation for a break right now is spring break which seems a world away from now. In the fall season however, there's hopes for thanksgiving, Christmas and new year breaks. Just a thought! Add your college student blues...

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Online Classes, Yes or No?

Are you thinking of taking online classes? If you are considering taking online classes, keep in mind, that they are much more challenging than actual classes. Online classes are meant for students who both have a busy schedule with work and don't have enough time during the day to actually sit in a classroom or for students who need to take a class that is offered in "No-Mans-Land" that requires a longer commute. If you are taking an online class because you think that it will be an easy 'A', don't do it! Online classes require more work be prepared! Have you taken any online courses? What was your experience?

College Rommate Blues!

Is your rommate an angel or a nightmare queen?

Playing Sports

Playing sports to get by in college, Yes or No?

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Unique Way to Blow Away your Employers Questions

So, you’re patiently waiting in the conference room of a company that called you for an interview. Are you nervous, well if so, think of something to relax yourself: something funny, like your best friend slipping on a drink that someone spilled while you guys were at a night club. Anything that will calm your nerves that is unnoticeable, go ahead and do it! Now, that you're calm, here they come. Yes, I said they! Today, be expected to have more than one person sitting in on an interview, this is a strategic way to see if you posses the characteristics of confidence, ability to focus as well as your comfort level in a social setting which is a group of more than one. There are many other reasons as to why employers use this style of interview but just keep in mind that they are there to see you, so get ready to shine!

OK! So, the interviewer walks in, maybe even rattles off a joke (again this is to get a feel of your comfort level, can you be a chameleon when appropriate). Smile, be polite and gesture toward the joke at your comfort level. DO NOT GO OVER BOARD AND SCARE THEM AWAY!

...So, you've graduated college, congratulations! Why did you choose the courses you took?

Before you open your mouth, think like the employer and ask yourself exactly why they asked this question. You may want to catch them off guard and say, "In hopes to be here interviewing with your company today." I guarantee you; this will catch the attention of the interviewer.

You may think that this is a vague answer but in actuality you have answered the interviewer’s questions without getting into much detail. You're basically telling the interviewer that your choice of courses surrounded around the hopes of pursuing a career geared toward an area of interest that their company has in common.

Job Interview Questions

For the past four years you have prepared yourself to delve into a major that you find interesting and fulfilling. Now, is the challenging part, finding the right job for YOU!
Going on Job Interviews can be exciting, nerving, as well as exhausting, but why!
Have you prepped yourself for the questions that your possible employer will inquire? Or are you taking easy and just going with the flow? Either way, it is always beneficial to be knowledgeable as to what may be asked of you, remember that the employer is interviewing you because they want the best possible candidate, they're not interviewing "just because". You are an investment to them whether you realize it or not! I pulled together a couple of sites that should get you geared into action for these future interviews. Here are some interview question examples:

1.) What are the most important rewards you expect to gain from your career?
2.) What was your most memorable classroom experience?
3.) How do you define success?
4.) What can you tell us about our company?
5.) Describe one of the biggest mistakes you made in college.

I am going to delve more in detail as to exactly what the employer wants to hear verses what you may think is the right answer. Remember there is no right answer, but rather unique answers. What will catch the employer’s attention?

College Notebooks...Paper or Plastic

Exactly what kind of "notebook" is best for college anyway? Do you go with the traditional Paper notebook, you know, the popular "Five Star" or do you upgrade to a "HP Pavilion" or "Dell". Well, it all depends on a couple of factors. For one, are you a good typist, will a notebook (computer) be a distraction for you or an advantage. Will you find yourself browsing the web during class at your e-mails or actually taking down notes? Honestly, having a HP Pavilion notebook eliminates having to carry around multiple paper notebooks. You don't have to worry about having a pen or pencil handy and you can also have the opportunity to contact the professor via e-mail ASAP with any concerns during the class session. I personally vote for the PC instead! Vote for your preference...See Voting Poll!

College Essay for Admission

I think that a lot of people think too much about what to write when it comes to their admission essay and end up writing something with a lot of "flowery speech". Have fun with this essay! Colleges are asking for this not only because they want to but they want to get a feel for your personality on paper.

Want to Know About Barack Obama

Suggested reading, see The Audacity of Hope amazon link...increase your knowledge about one of your democratic candidates.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Partying In College

Partying in College is an exciting expectation for students and a scary thought to parents, why? College students I believe are adults with a care free attitude. They know that they have responsibility but yet, they are still able to beckon upon their parents for help. It's weird! Of course this is a broad statement, and not all college students are like this. There are some that are really "Book Worms", there are others that are serious about their course studies and may even have a family already but still know how to fit in time for fun. There is nothing wrong with having fun, if everyone were to be in the books all the time, there would be college student mental breakdowns throughout the world. Just Joking! But you get the picture. Work hard, Play hard! Right! Just remember to play hard safely!

College Roomate Crowned Mess Queen or King?

One reason why a lot of people decide not to dorm is for the fear of having to share space with a total stranger. Are they weird, are they neat, do they love to have alot of company all the time, do they really care about being in college or is it an escape route out of their parent’s house? I think that a lot of people get very lucky when they are partnered with someone who is a decent roommate. If you have any horror stories of roommate experiences, leave a comment to share for all who are thinking of dorming. Is your roommate a mess queen or mess king?

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